Join Us At The Runway Show & Maker Market!

Enjoy drinks and light appetizers and meet inspirational makers Rose Normann Morefield of Dippermouth Sewing and Printing, Ebenezer Akakpo of Akakpo & Co., Lionel Loveless of Officially Knotted Bowties, Gnykol, J.M. Syron, Josiane Fashion House and others as O’Maine Studios plays host to a one-of-a-kind runway show!

Thursday, March 28 | 6:00-8:00PM

O’Maine Studios

54 Danforth Street, Portland, ME 04101

Designers And Makers Joining Us Include:

Josiane Fashion House

The best-fitting clothes made for you as a unique human to give you the confidence you need to conquer your dream in the world. Josiane Mutangana moved from Rwanda to Maine in 2019. She completed The Common Thread of Maine sewing School in 2021, and launched Josiane Fashion House soon thereafter.

Dippermouth Sewing and Printing

Dippermouth Sewing was born from a desire to make clothing for women that live real lives, where working in the garden and barn are as likely as a social event. Women who take pride in their work but refuse to sacrifice the finer things in life. Our mission is to make clothing that merges the rugged life we lead with the spontaneous nature of our pursuits. Designed, drafted, printed, cut, and sewn in house – – each piece of Dippermouth’s small-batch clothing is rare and is carefully crafted to become a lasting favorite.

Akakpo and Co.

Every item Ebenezer Akakpo designs carries pieces of his cultural history, skills and techniques of his education, and the passion he carries for promoting social justice. An artist originally from Ghana and now based in the United States, Ebenezer  integrates his cultural heritage with contemporary design in jewelry, apparel, and home accessories. Educated in Florence, Italy, and the U.S., Akakpo’s approach merges traditional Ghanaian symbols with modern manufacturing techniques.  Akakpo’s work is a testament to his belief in the power of design to bridge cultures and communities.

Officially Knotted Bowties

We provide you with great bowties that befit you and your lifestyle. Our bowties are made from the highest quality fabrics and guaranteed to give you functionality, durability and comfort. Our skilled master tailor handle all of our cutting and sewing, ensuring precision in all production processes and paying attention to the details. Come to us and choose the best style for your lifestyle.

95% of all Officially Knotted Bowties are made from upcycled fashion. Located in Stratham, NH at The Collectors Eye. 

Ben Appleby-Maguire

I am an abstract spray paint/pen and ink artist. My work is based around movement, color and line. I seldom have a set goal in mind when working and it is almost as though the work takes on a shape of its own. Once completed, I have my work printed as various garments and accessories such as fine scarves, bags, leggings, t-shirts and crop tops.


Combining timeless designs and reclaimed leather Gnykol creates a sense of fearless expression in her handmade art wear.
Art wear: one-of-a-kind wearable art fashion.

Two core ethics of Gnykol’s work are creating rockstar garments and utilizing repurposed materials. Off-cuts and imperfect leather hides are her favorite sources of inspiration. From these scraps come the striking compositions that define Gnykol’s collection of leather and denim outerwear.

Ranging from lightly embellished with functional hardware to elaborately adorned with high densities of studs and spikes, each piece is a work of art.

J.M. Syron

J.M. Syron’s couture intends to re-define our place in the twenty-first century, a place where we each choose a life of love, and conquer the ‘power-over’ societal structure. J.M. envisions a future where a non-binary world is free of Racism, Sexism and Homophobia.

The current traditional model of relationships is defined by power plays and politics, and is echoed in the way we choose to clothe ourselves. When we choose to change our outer appearance we begin to change the traditional societal models and beliefs that bind our lives; stripping away the strangle-hold of the traditional patriarchal world definition.

J.M’s couture is designed to inspire you to define your own True Self for yourself – find strength, courage and the resolve to realize our heaven on Earth through One Love.

Gigi Aea

Gigi Aea is a luxury silk goods designer and manufacturer. We produce timeless beautiful silk scarves and kimonos of superior quality, handmade craftsmanship that make our customers feel special, beautiful and unique.

Everything we do is because we’re in love with life and this is how we express it. The way we express our love is by painting colorful stories that speak, touch souls and serve as companions and amulets to their wearers.

All of our designs are hand-painted to the size and the garments are 100% Mulberry silk, printed and made in Italy. We inspire humans to see beauty of the world and fall in love with it.


Please email [email protected]